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Minimalist TV Room Interior Design

Minimalist TV Room Interior Design

Don’t forget that we see rooms in 3D, and not just as a series of separate walls. Sometimes the best way to balance out a TV is by putting something with a similar visual weight on the opposite side of the room, like this dark bookshelf. Inspiration for a contemporary family and games room in San Francisco with beige walls and a wall mounted TV.

Once you’ve tricked out your room with a TV and a sound system, you’ll want to make sure you have enough seating. Furniture manufacturers often say how many people a sofa or sectional will seat. Buckingham says pieces with 20- to 22-inch cushions are ideal, as they give each person enough room without having to sit on a seam.

Scatter chairs along with some long couches and you have yourself enough seating for a large group. An arrangement like this gives people enough space for individual conversations as well as enough room to chill out and relax.

Create a feature - If your room is featureless and the TV is undeniably the star of the show, go with it and use a dark baseboard to visually frame the TV, turning it into a feature in its own right. As well as a physical mount like this, you could achieve a similar look by simply painting a darker rectangle on the wall.

There are special televisions designed for this purpose. The TV remains invisible behind the mirror or glass until you turn it on, when it shines through. Explore more ways to blend your TV into your decor.

Get your home photo-ready - Most house-hunters start with a property website, so your photos need to help your home stand out from the crowd. Before having pictures taken, open the curtains wide to max light levels, plump up cushions, and add flowers to make rooms look fresh and welcoming. If your decor is neutral, a flash of bright color, such as a hot-pink cushion or table runner, will ensure your photo catches a browser’s eye.

Dividers are also great spots to stick a flat-screen TV. It’s nice that the TV is unseen from the kitchen and dining area; it also keeps those sitting in the living room faced toward the middle of the space and involved in any activity.

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