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Apartment Design From Fashion Designers

For a young mother , homeless -looking " up to date " is not the main thing . Welfare and safety of children are still being number one . No exception designer " fashion " Ariane Goldman .

Together with her ​​husband and children , living in an apartment Goldman concept of " loft " in New York , United States . Goldman wanted a comfortable home . How to display the designer's house ?

" I want Charlie , our daughter , could be free . We even allow one wall as a place to draw , " said Goldman
Apartement Design From Fashion Designers

Goldman was not kidding . She really tried to make central city residence is not only convenient for adults , but also for children . It is certainly not easy .

Actually , the house occupied Goldman is sufficient to meet the criteria of " comfortable housing " for adults . Apartment concept of " loft " which looked relieved , located in the city center . Apartment size too big , which is about 260 square meters . In addition , the apartment is surrounded by 13 windows that can optimally insert into the sunlight .

" Living in an environment that could make me happy to provide 'fuel ' to bring the beauty of the two brands ( clothes ) that I created , " added the designer .

Goldman has been " let go " residence in prestigious locations as the " playground " for children . However , Goldman is not only a residence occupied by children . He also needs to be a bit serious regulate " traffic " as well as the appearance of his house for adults . One of the challenges faced by Goldman and her husband is dividing the interior of the house. Because the concept of " loft " create an open -plan apartment interior between spaces , except the bedroom.

" The family room , dining room , and kitchen all in one room , so it is quite challenging to make a difference in aesthetics for every space , " he said .

Honestly , Goldman admitted that he " missed " the presence of the wall as a room divider . However , what may make , Goldman ended up using carpets and furniture to distinguish each space . He uses English style sofa and antique chests package as a bookcase in the family room . Meanwhile , Goldman uses Moroccan rugs Azilal as an attraction and a center point for the breakfast area . She also used the kitchen table in the middle to separate the cooking area .

Broadly speaking , using the Goldman -style arrangement of " modern eclectic " . Carefully, she chose furniture collection to create a cohesive look throughout the house. White walls and furniture neutral colors was the "weapon" creating a visual flow . Meanwhile , the use of wood can give a character in the house .

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