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How to get more light into the room

This is trick How to make your Home more shinningAn easy way to make the home interior brighter is, of course with adding entry space for sunlight into the house. You can make more windows, skylights or “window “on the ceiling. If it is not possible to add a window, you can do some other alternatives. Here's an example.

This is trick How to make your Home more shinning

First, select the bright color for the wall. The white color has different shades. Find the most suitable shade for your home. Do not forget, also paint the ceiling white.

After lining most of the walls of the house with the white color, decorate the wall. Instead of displaying paintings, drawings, or dark shades photograph, choose fun and colorful theme for your wall such as beach themes.

Next, use the cabinets without doors to add "depth" in the kitchen. However, by eliminating the closet door, you can make anyone look at the contents of the kitchen cabinets. If you want to make the kitchen remains bright shades, use white cutlery or translucent.

Fourth, use a mirror. Mirrors can reflect light and make the room brighter. At the same time, the mirror can make the room feel more larger.

Fifth, use the subway -style tile in your kitchen as a backsplash . Select the white color so that the room does not look smaller. If you want more interesting, use the gray color. Glossy ceramic also make your kitchen more light spread.

Finally, decorate your home with Acrylic furniture. This kind of furniture is transparent, so the room does not feel cramped. Acrylic was not close the light. In addition, also add decoration in the house with a shiny material. Hooded brass lamp, for example, is very attractive as an accent.

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