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Peek Bobby Flay Private Kitchen Decorate

Chef Bobby Flay has a way of decorating the kitchen in his own home . If his wife , actress Stephanie March , most of the home interior decorating , Flay responsible for managing the kitchen decor .

Together with designers Tom Delavan , the chef create a kitchen that suits him . Quoted from Elle Decor magazine , Flay even consider such a restaurant kitchen . " I really like the fact that my kitchen , technically , is a restaurant , " said Flay .

Flay 's statement is true . In the kitchen area , Flay put a lot of seating and scattered in the room . A large number of places to eat food is convenient to greet relatives at home . However , it also makes the house feel like a restaurant . In addition , any open space concept kitchen cooking tools use the same cookware owned restaurant .

Domaine showing various typical restaurant cookware , such as commercial stove with 10 furnaces , two ovens , a frying pan , and a large frying pan . Flay 's kitchen is also equipped by a wood oven for baking pizza , exterior furnace and burned meat supplies . Although using the tools that are very " serious " , the chef still want her kitchen " in style " and beautiful .

To that end , Flay uses a special finishing . In the room , he combines tile floor with wood flooring . This method seems to make more viscous feel of restaurant . Then , Flay chose black masculine as backsplash . In order not to look too " heavy " , Flay uses blue light -lined closet .

Another element is the main attraction in the chef 's kitchen is the chairs . Not merely amount to much , each seat has a special design . Delavan , a designer who helped beautify Flay kitchen , choose rattan wicker chairs , industrial style bar stools , and a special wooden chair .

You 've seen the elements of ceramic , wood , and rattan Flay in the kitchen . Delavan add one more element to enhance its looks. Elements are steel . The designers put a chair of iron , brass lamps , and a round table iron legs . Flay so fond of all the elements that are in the kitchen . You are interested in trying ?

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