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10 Tips Minimalist Interior Design

Home, as a place to start as well as end the day, of course it is important to be able to function properly, ie as a comfortable place to rest. Minimalist house design was very popular and can be found everywhere.

10 Tips Minimalist Interior Design on Minimalist Home

While it is, as the name suggests, the house with a minimalist design does not provide too much space for the residents to arrange the furniture in the house. However, with proper structuring, minimalist home can be a beautiful palace and comfortable as a resting place. Here are 10 tips to Minimalist Interior Design spacious and comfortable look occupied. Here are tips for you that will start to organize the house of minimalist design.

1. Selection of a specific theme
By choosing a theme for your home Minimalist Interior Design, the level of the arrangement and selection of furniture will be easier. This theme could be a theme for a room, or a theme for any room in the house minimalist. Determination of the theme can be a color theme or type of furniture according to the wishes of residents.

2. Organize and arrange Every Room alternately
organizing the house as a whole will become more difficult to do without the help of a consultant. For the best result to arrange the room in your house is, Organize and arrange every room alternately so you can focus do one room to the other

3. Select furniture that is functional and efficient
In addition, based on the chosen theme; the furniture should be selected based on their function. More functional furniture that will certainly have a greater benefit. Better yet, if you choose multi functional furniture that is more efficient because it will leave more space.

4. Remove any objects that are less functional
Than useless, dysfunctional things can make a house into a Minimalist Interior Design full and narrow. Therefore, make sure only useful furniture that is in the room.

5. Clean the walls and floor of the things that are not needed
Leaving only one or two ornaments or furniture to the wall so that the wall can be seen more widely. Also make sure that the floor is no stacking of goods or overlap each other, as well as to reduce the aesthetic value of the goods may also cause the room look cluttered.

6. Choose furniture with beautiful designs
Selection of furniture with high aesthetic value will make the room more beautiful. By choosing furniture that is beautiful, the room does not require a lot of decorations for furniture already has a high aesthetic value.

7. Use the frosting on the corner of the room
But do not have the means, such as a decorative pot or vase can serve as an accent to the room in the house of minimalist design. Make sure decorations are selected according to the theme of each room.

8. Choose a color that is soft and not too flashy
Soft colors will give the impression of the room more comfortable. The use of striking colors and bold can be used as an accent, but try not to be too dominant.

9. Ensure the needs of light and ventilation is adequate
Do not let the beauty of the rooms were designed so crowded and dark due to the lack of lighting and air circulation. Do not cover the vents and windows with large furniture such as cabinets, because the room can be uncomfortable.

10. Use a warehouse or storage space
By using a warehouse to store goods that are rarely used, the house will be tidier. Use of the warehouse will also make goods become messy so make every room in the house with a minimalist design is more spacious and comfortable occupied.

Virtually every home, not just a house with a minimalist design, should be appointed in order to condition the house is a comfortable place to live. Redecorate the house every few months can also be done to overcome boredom. With the above tips, activities and decorating interior design minimalist home will be easier and more effective. The result can also be enjoyed without too much fixed, so ideal for rest at night to face the challenges of the next day.


  1. Fantastic tips- very easy to use too!

  2. Good tips, especially about keeping piles of things off the floor as well as allowing for natural light. :)


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