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All About Container Homes, Modern House with Low Budget Cost

All About Container Homes, Modern House with Low Budget Cost

Modern House with a small budget is a dream for so many of us and it's Very difficult to find a minimalist house with an affordable price at this time. But don't worry, there's an alternative for you to build Modern house with small budget now. Try to Build Container House. Used shipping container often to be build for constructing temporary office because it’s not only simple, to build up Office from Used Shipping Container also can minimize the budget for the office.

In addition to office building, Used Shipping Container also can be an alternative easy minimalist house for these days. With a low cost, we can build unique and minimalist modern house from this used shipping container. There's so many design for constructing a mini house from shipping container. Of course there must be a shortage to construct a house from used shipping container, In addition to the room becomes hot due to the material of the container, our movement and the furniture that we can use also limited.

Shipping container homes cost to Build

We mention about cheap minimalist house above, but it's not that cheap actually. It's depend the furniture that you choice and also the size of the container.  For a used container 20-footer in good condition, the cost can range anywhere from $1,400 to $2,800. A 40 foot shipping container will cost $3,500 to $4,500. Depending on where it is bought, some containers come with building kits and plans for personal customization. Don’t forget you must hire a professional to build a living homes from used container and it can spend more budget excludes the material and the furniture. We don't know how much exactly the price per hour for the builder in your country, just allocated the budget for it in range $50-$150 per hours to deploy until finished.

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Container Homes Design

 For your references, we provide you with several Used Container Design ideas below.

Shipping container homes cost to Build

Container Homes Design

Container Homes Design 1

Container Homes Design 2

Container Homes Design 3

Container Homes Design 4

Container Homes Design cafe

Container Homes Design 5

Container Homes Design 6

Container Homes Design 7

Container Homes Design 8

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