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Healthy Living Modern House Terms You Should Know

Healthy Living Modern House Terms You Should Know
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The house is a dwelling which is very important for humans, because the house is a primary need for humans, the house is a shelter that protects us from the rain, wind, sun and cold night. House or residence from time to time through many changes such as during the ancient times, people still live in caves, then developed with the set up home in the woods and under the trees. Until modern times mankind has been building a multi-storey house and equipped with all modern appliances

Terms of Healthy Living Modern Homes

Healthy Living Modern House is the residence of a family that is a complete stand-alone, quite durable and strong enough construction. It also must meet the following requirements:
Physiological Needs
  1. There are number of rooms / space wide enough with sufficient floor and fill the floor area and the contents were quite large, in order to meet the needs of all its inhabitants to perform life activities.
  2. It has a good layout of the room in order to facilitate communication and liaison between the rooms in the house can be smooth, but also guarantees the freedom and privacy (privacy) for each occupant.
  3. The room temperature must be maintained in order not changed much. Temperatures should remain range between 18-20 degrees Celsius. The room temperature is greatly influenced by:
  • Outside air temperature
  • Air movement
  • Humidity
  • The temperature of the objects around it
In Modern House, room temperature can be regulated with air conditioning facilities.
  1. The house must be sufficiently good lighting during the day or night. Ideally, information obtained with the help of electricity. Each room gets sunlight pursued especially in the mornings.
  2. Air exchange is sufficient to cause air of the room stay fresh (enough oxygen). Thus, every home should have an adequate window. Overall window area approximately 15% of the floor area. The arrangement of the room should be such that air can flow freely if windows and doors are opened.
Psychological Needs
  1. The state of the house and its surroundings, how the settings must satisfy the sense of beauty so that the house became the center of a healthy household pleasure.
  2. The guarantee of freedom that is enough for every member of the family living at home.
  3. For each member of the family, especially those approaching adulthood, should have his own room so privacy is not disturbed.
  4. There must be room for social living, such as a living room for receiving guests.
That's it, Now you can check your house, is it has qualified from a Healthy Modern Living House Requirement?

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  1. I am planning to design my own house once I'm ready to settle down. These are great tips for someone like me.


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