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How To Keep The Kitchen Always Clean

Cooking activities are vulnerable to stains and stubborn dirt. If you do not take care of and clean your kitchen properly, oil stains, food and dust can make your kitchen dirty. Clean and well-appointed kitchen conditions certainly help you to produce delicious and nutritious food. Therefore, the cleanliness of the kitchen should not be ignored. Here are tips to keep your kitchen always clean:

Choice Easy Cleaning Materials

Choice Easy Cleaning Materials

The use of wood materials is can make a trouble in terms of cleaning in the kitchen. Therefore, select the cover wall material, floor and back-splash walls that are easy to clean and water resistant. For example, using the ceramic floor or solid surface for the table. If you leave the back splash to be just a painted wall, it is possible that your kitchen wall will get defective.

Cleaning Stove and Cooking ware

After cooking activity, wash the equipment immediately so that the traces do not make the kitchen dirty and smelly. Avoid piling up dish-washing for too long, because the garbage in the utensils and cook can invite ants, or roaches, even rats. Do not forget also to clean the stove; usually the stove is often ignored cleanliness.

Use Cooker Hood

Kitchen Cooker Hood

Cooker hood, one of the kitchen kits that can absorb smoke and smell. The smoke generated from the cooking process will be sucked through the chimney and removed into the outer space, so the air inside the kitchen room remains clean and fresh. This tool is more necessary for indoor kitchens, if your kitchen is outdoors, you do not have to wear this tool.

Don't allow the Sinks get Clogged 

Don't allow the Sinks get Clogged

Leftover food often clogs up the drains in the kitchen sinks. When caught, the leftover food will rot and cause unpleasant odor. You can clean it by pouring one or two cups of baking soda or vinegar and flushed by hot water. So that the pipe is not often to get clogged, you should separate leftover food into the trash. Also use filters in water sinks. Using a filter, all small leftover food will accumulate there and you can get rid of it easily.

Set Up The Storage

How to setup kitchen storage

As much as possible the cooking utensils that you keep in your closet or cabinet are not messy. Kitchen equipment that arranged in the cabinet can minimize the items that need to be placed on the kitchen table so the kitchen will be tidier. Group them according to their usability and function.
Store the cooking spice in a glass jar before storing it in a kitchen cabinet. Dispose all equipment or food that you no longer need.

Separate Wet Trash and Dry Trash

Separate Wet Trash and Dry Trash
In order for the kitchen to be clean and healthy, you need to manage the bin and separate between wet and dry trash. Choose a trash can with a cover to avoid any cockroaches or other insects. You can also put lemon in a kitchen trash, to neutralize the smell, so the kitchen smell-free.

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