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How to Renovate Small Living Room Designs as Minimalist Modern House

How to Renovate Small Living Room Designs as Minimalist Modern House

Over the past few decades, renovating houses tastes have been different. We are accustomed to seeing the spacious room, open floor plan, and a master suite. The kitchen is perfect and has sufficient space and good lighting, also large pantries. This all changed into more simple and minimalist. Furniture’s shape and interior layout will greatly help in the renovation of the room to make it look spacious though the small living room. If your house does not provide the square footage, there are many tricks to make the room seem larger than it actually is.

Bright and Lighter Colors for Small Living Room Design

Interior color has always been the main reasons and factors that are important to consider. When choosing a color for the walls of the room, try to combine between Light color and cool colors. The effect of this colors combination will make your room larger than the actual because of the light that came to the room and the reflection from the interior wall paint. You also can try chromatic color to consider. Chromatic color will always suitable for small living room.

Choose the Right Furniture's

When choosing the Furniture's you must remember the available space that you have on the room. Choosing simple Sofa and chair is suitable for small living room design. Small and colorful sofa will help the room more attractive on design.

"Multi-purpose pieces and hidden storage options should be used whenever possible also to keep the clutter and furniture to a minimum".

Do not be afraid to break the cookie cutter idea of the living room. If footage and layout of your living room does not allow for the end of the table, try using the console instead.

Creative Mirror Placement

Big Windows can help to absorb natural light from the outside, to open up the interior spaces. And if your architectural home design is outside of your immediate control, you can use a Mirror as a solution for this matter. The mirror can help reflect the light and spread it throughout the interior spaces. When you hung it in the right place, the light reflection can create illusion of more depth and spaces.

And for your references, we provide several small living room design below

Small Living Room Design

How to Renovate Small Living Room Designs as Minimalist Modern House

Small Living Room Designs, 1

Small Living Room Designs, 2

Small Living Room Designs, 3

Small Living Room Designs, 4

Small Living Room Designs, 5

Small Living Room Designs, 6

Small Living Room Designs, 7

Small Living Room Designs, 8

Small Living Room Designs, 9

Small Living Room Designs, 10

Small Living Room Designs, 11

Small Living Room Designs, 12

Small Living Room Designs, 13

Small Living Room Designs, 14

Small Living Room Designs, 15

Small Living Room Designs,


  1. This is really helpful! We just moved from a big house to a small apartment in the city and it's been a challenge figuring out where things will go especially because our furniture is "house" furniture - it's big. I like the idea of using light and bright colors. I think that will help a lot! Thank you!!

  2. I love minimalism, or at least I hate stuff and clutter. Beautiful images.

  3. I need this! I'm about to move, so I really want to do better this time with putting my rooms together. Love the chromatic idea!

  4. This is so helpful! We are about to redecorate our house and get rid of a lot of stuff. The pictures are truly inspirational in creating a beautiful space. I hope our space looks like one of those images one day!

  5. Great tips! I live in a loft downtown LA and need to rearrange our living room. Thanks for the help!

  6. House goals!! Your pics are very inspiring. Makes me want to redesing my space. Thank you!

  7. Great tips and gorgeous photos! I'm all about minimalism!


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