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How to Protect your Home from Cockroaches?

How to Protect your Home from Cockroaches?

Cockroaches, talking about this insect is never been so easy. This insect is always regarded as a nuisance for some people in the world. If all this time you often hear the myth that the cat is an animal that has a life of 9, maybe this insect is more powerful than that, Cockroach known is very hard to die. You probably must have tried to hunt it down but it rarely works.

Cockroach not only known hard to die, the insect also can fly that make him Unpleasant Flying Object in your house. Not only that, Their secretive habits, high reproductive rates and ability to develop resistance to pesticides make cockroaches among the most challenging household pests to control. source :

Now, could we protect the house from cockroach with a simple source? you can try several tips below.

Simple Way to Protect Your House from Cockroach

Create a liquid spray from chili sauce. 
How to protect your home from cockroaches? Take 2 teaspoons of chili sauce and mix it with water. Then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray this herb on the area where you often see cockroaches appearing. Do not forget to wear masks and gloves so you do not get the spicy effect of the herb in the spray.

Put camper or camphor ball in the corner of the room and furniture.
In addition to the above, the easiest and mainstream way is to put camphor. Cockroaches do not like the smell of camphor. Place camphor under the sink, behind the furniture, in the closet, or wherever the cock roaches. Keep away from food, yes!

Put the bay leaf in places often cockroaches.
Perhaps this is the traditional way to ward off cockroaches. But, believe me if this way is powerful to overcome them. Save the bay leaf on the plastic, then place it in the corner of the cupboard or elsewhere. Just like mothballs, cockroaches also do not like the smell of bay leaves.

Remove all unused cardboard.
Cockroaches often languish in dark and dirty places. If in your house a lot of cardboard unemployed, it could be where the cockroaches nest. For that, remove all unused cardboard boxes in your house to avoid any cock roaches. And do not forget to always clean the house, both to avoid cock roaches and mosquitoes.

How to Prevent Cockroach Back in to your House

  1. Eliminate water and food sources. The reason cockroaches stay at home is because they have found a source of food and water that is easy and abundant. The key is to deny the pest the resources they need to survive by thoroughly cleaning up spilled food, dropping crumbs, and other debris around the house.
  2. Store food in a tight plastic container. Always keep food that has been open airtight, containers that can be closed again. Let them be stored in the refrigerator or in the cabinet after every use.
  3. Always leave the kitchen clean before bed. After a long and exhausting day, it is tempting to relax after dinner and leave the kitchen chores until the next morning. Unfortunately, the dirty dishes left in the sink overnight are what will attract pests from the wood. It takes just a few minutes to clean the kitchen, but it will have a positive impact in removing cockroaches and other pests.
  4. Eliminate the standing water source. Cockroaches can last long enough without food, but they can only live for a week or more without water. That is why it is very important to clean the existing water source. Maintain repairs on leaking pipes or water basins, and remove areas where water collects into small puddles - both inside and outside the home.
  5. Replace Combat Baits and Gels once every three months. If you notice that the feed you've placed is empty, replace it with a fresh feed. The empty feed is a sure indicator that Combat is working. If the feed does not seem touched for several months, it is a good indication that you have brought your cockroach problem under control.
That's it, now you can protect your home from cockroaches attack. just remember, cockroaches always love a messy kitchen or table food. Make sure you always cleaning all of food place after you have a feast. And if the cockroaches still appear in your house, call a professional or you can buy a machine gun and dynamite to blow up your house.. :D  

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