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Avoid kitchen from heat air and Easy way to Clean Cookerhood

Avoid kitchen from heat air and Easy way to Clean Cookerhood

As a place to prepare and process food, the kitchen is vulnerable to dirt stains and odor. Imagine what it would feel like if the kitchen had no openings to drain the hot air and the smell of cooking out? Not only cause discomfort while cooking, but also disturb other rooms around it. That is why it is important to make air circulation or good airing in the kitchen, so that the hot air can rotate so that the room did not feel stuffy.

In addition to air circulation, you can also do some other things to reduce the hot air that spins in the kitchen. One of them is to install a higher ceiling with a roof jack model (roof terraced). Take advantage of inter-roof holes for hot air flow openings. In addition, you can also coat the bottom of the zinc roof using a sponge.

Well, if it is not possible to create openings in the kitchen area, you can replace it by installing cookerhood. Chimney-shaped tool is useful to absorb the hot air and odor generated during the cooking process. You can also place the exhaust fan in the corner of the room to rotate the air inside, so the kitchen still feels comfortable even while cooking.

Easy Step to Clean The Cookerhood

Easy Step to Clean The Cookerhood

The presence of a tool shaped like a chimney or popularly called cookerhood is somewhat important in the kitchen area. The reason, cookerhood in charge of smoking smoke during the cooking process, so the kitchen does not feel stuffy and odor free.

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Because of its function as a vacuum cleaner, water vapor, dust and other impurities, the cookerhood filter is also vulnerable dirty. The dust and dirt attached to the filter affects the performance of the device. So in order to keep functioning optimally, cookerhood needs to be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning the cookerhood is actually quite easy and can be done alone at home. How to? Here is the tip!

  1. First, remove the bottom cover of cookerhood. Then open the wire filter clamp attached to the inside of the cookerhood cover.
  2. Wash the cookerhood cover using a detergent solution. Rub using a sponge or a fluffy brush until the dust and dirt is gone. Then rinse the soap clean.
  3. Once the cookerhood cover is completely dry, carefully remove the carbon filter located at the top of the cookerhood. Clean the dust and dirt on the sidelines of the filter using a dry brush.
  4. A similar step is also applied to the suction fan in the cook- ing body. You can use a dry brush or a fluffy brush.
  5. Finally, after everything is clean and dry, reinstall the filter and cover the cookerhood as before.

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